Temple Court


This is the temple area.


Here on the west side you can see the house of the High Priest above. Outside, the right hand of the High Priest named Heliodromos cleans the street. At the well, you see a priest who is already drunk. At the bottom of the picture you can see the temple garden. Here grow different herbs, for example, the Moonroot.



In this picture you can see the monastery from the outside. And below you can already guess the Great Temple (but from the back).


The Great Temple from the front view. Impressive or? In this version are still missing some characters. They will come soon! :-)


There is a fountain next to the big temple. It is said that holy water bubbles out of it. But who knows? And where does the water come from?



After a year, the temple complex has changed a bit. The grasses have become more beautiful. You can even talk to the people now. This one is for example Pollux, he drinks very often. That's definitely not good for him.


The garden has changed its appearance too. But the plants from a year ago are still growing well there. Meanwhile, someone has set up an information board there. Probably it was the healer.


The area around the fountain has not changed too much. Holy water still flows into the well from somewhere.